Endurance Training, The challenge of the year ’13

Today’s weekly photo challenge is endurance, which might have many meanings for sure. One of them for me is the painting process. The days when inspiration comes I start to paint and continue on until the work is finished, for example 10 or 12 hours later. Energy of inspiration in the context of endurance is different to the energy of physical training.

Last year I challenged myself to increase my energy levels from the physical endurance perspective, as part of Fit For Life programme. The results at the end of the year were outstanding. I did a lot of walking, running and hiking. I had my regular gym trainings with the mix of speed sessions, without the breaks between exercise of different body parts. I was adding some aerobics for the fresh start off of the day to stimulate the movement and flow.

I played tennis once a week, which I simple fell in love with. I did swimming outdoor whenever was possible to do so. Most of my trainings were tracked by endomondo app, but a lot of them were out of connection.

I closed the year of 2013 with well over 3000 km done of total distance. Just look at the running shoes below… I gave them a big hug and said thanks for staying with me on the road.

16 thoughts on “Endurance Training, The challenge of the year ’13

  1. :0 hey have u seen the new jet assist for runners :0 lol… is called the 4mm mile projekt lol…. where ya strap a jet pack on ur back fer dat little bitta extra boost lol.. is very kewl, 🙂


    1. It might be good to find out the real capacity of a human being from the perspective of energy, not just the physical but mostly spiritual or the source of inspiration 🙂 by the way… How do you recognize the moment of inspiration, during which you can create and play something new, that you haven’t played before ? I do myself by specific feeling around the stomach 🙂 Cheers


        1. the atmosphere and surroundings play a big role as well, some writing I do over night, because of the sense of silence in the air, then I can let the deepest thoughts flow on the paper… did you noticed the difference between hand writing and typing on the machine or keyboard


          1. I just reminded myself that I wrote the poem of sailor over night too… if someday, I will become a biker, I will have to call myself night writer 😉


    1. You are welcome… I used to be coach and trainer for years, those days most of the folks called me ‘spark of energy’… Over the years I noticed that inspiration and specific movement of energy comes from interaction and one key ingredient, which plays the biggest role… as centre of the gravity or pole star for example… my preference is more internal, but the atmosphere is equally important


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