First day of proper winter in Ireland, #snow

Hi there, as some of you might know already, today is the very first day of proper winter in Ireland… I’d like to thank a friend on facebook for sending a message this morning about the coming snow…


#snowyday  #express myself

21 thoughts on “First day of proper winter in Ireland, #snow

  1. La nieve siempre hace los paisajes mucho más bonitos,
    Y tus fotos son estupendas, dan ganas de estar allí.
    En España ha nevado aún muy poco y no parece que vaya a hacerlo los próximos días-

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    1. it snowed today again… well, every single time when I do some painting for a friend, from the heart, it snows or sun is showing up with the rainbow 🙂 a magic moments… enjoy your day, evening or night 🙂 cheers

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