Weekly photo challenge: Against the odds

This week @PhotoChallenge class = Against the Odds

Interestingly enough the theme of  “against the odds” works well with the previous one “shadow”.. because every step we take in life.. Towards a goal or something that make sense to me, to you or us as a whole.. is not a quick fix formula.

There’s no “shadow” without the source of “light”.. no “success” without the “failure”.. no “happy” moments without the “sad” ones. It’s just a play.. a play of life until we realize the true nature within or.. the real meaning of something that we are looking at, so..

Let’s clear out the vision and.. Stay creative folks!


Going back to the subject of “against the odds” while walking with the “shadows” of choice.. I’ve found the perfect match between the frame and clear matt varnish.

~ Swav

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