2017: Give yourself the chance to discover..

Hi there,

I’m writing this post and article to myself as.. a reminder, which might perhaps be valuable to you as well.

The chance to discover.. new ways, uplifting solutions, more balanced workplace, the job you are hunting for weeks or months.. The business you are about to start or enterprise, which is on the next level of development. The chance to discover is the moment of which we allow ourselves to expand.. physically, mentally and spiritually.

The change is always connected to some sort of discovery and probably: outside the box.. The usual route to work.. the standard way of thinking, acting or imagining.


Intuitive abilities – That’s right.. Intuition is like a tool, which you can use and improve upon within the very short period of time. One of the ways of improvement is painting and creation of art. Another way of improvement, which might be controversial to you is meditation.

Meditation as well as intuition can be described in many ways. Your life can become your meditation. Something that you don’t like might become your meditation as well, towards discovery of true motives behind it.

[from the notes]

*** Roughly 10 years ago, during the Tai-Chi class – I’ve heard something like that  ***

Let the cleaning and hovering be your meditation until you realize, which part of you is really against it. Who is the one that is always rushing.. Is it true you or something else? Do you really need this attitude, while at the deepest part of your own self.. pure flexibility, non judgement and spontaneity arise from the source of being.

The spirit of who you are loves to grow and change is the natural process of flow in life..

No change, no flow, no life, so..

Why not give yourself the chance to discover.. your own Sonata with grace ?

The year is still fresh and open..

Swav @PaintingsbySwav (twitter)

#Sonata #2017 #Discovery

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