Spark of Joy, Painting No. 8 by Swav

Someone today has said to me that this painting looks like a sign on the road, probably the road of life, well… he might be right, and this might be the sign of joy for him, for example 🙂 Here is the story of this painting:

I created this piece of art in very interesting mood…

I had a few meetings that day and follow ups as usual, I would say. On the way back home, I got a phone call, from a friend of mine and also my previous client, who was on one of my coaching programmes, called ‘fit for life’ (unfortunately no English content available). I kept listening to his story and great feedback, for all those things we did during that journey.

Wonderful person with amazing results. I will remember our meetings, catch ups, inspiring conversations, challenges and hiking. Somehow, my clients became my close friends. This is one of the most important assets in life…

A friend…  someone that you can count on, any time, any moment and vice versa. Someone that challenges you, when you need this and is reachable over the phone in emergency.

I finished conversation with him and noticed some kind of bliss state, happiness that comes from within and harmony also. I’ve got a feeling of centeredness as well, while driving on the motorway for the next few miles…

I created this painting after delicious dinner cooked by Betty 🙂

The state of joy and happiness of life was present during painting and somehow became specific form of expression on this canvas…

Painting No. 8 by Swav

13 thoughts on “Spark of Joy, Painting No. 8 by Swav

    1. Thanks Steve… Do you know some good spots in Ireland, UK or Iceland with perfect location to see the northern lights (aurora borealis) the lights on the sky start off early November until March…


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