Photo Journey: Sicily in 18 Photos

We have the first day of autumn and… I’m about to publish the first set of photos from the new ‘photo journey’ series. I’m not professional photographer, which you can see on my photos below, but I really like the whole process of taking photos to capture the moments, especially on the go.

Inspiration to create new series of blog posts, came to me from Krista and here is the link to his article. The trip to Sicily was on my wish list of the dreams, that came true and is uneasy to describe by the words. I share with you just the fraction of this beautiful Island, which is located on the middle of Mediterranean sea.


16 thoughts on “Photo Journey: Sicily in 18 Photos

    1. Along the north coast, we drove from the airport near Palermo city heading for Messina, it was spontaneous trip by car with a couple of stops 🙂 the places I remember are Tusa, Cefalu – fantastic town for a romantic stay, Tindarii, Capo D Orlando and a few more…

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  1. Lovely photographs. As I sit at home in England while the wind and rain clatter about outside I think of last week when I was in Cadiz, Espana, not Sicily but culturally and geographically very similar. Is the anything more gorgeous than hot sun, a beach and bright light. Thanks for the memory.

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    1. You are very welcome 🙂 The weather in Ireland is very sunny and dry still… at least here in Co. Laois… I bought a book about walking trails in England. Can you recommend a place in Scotland for a long walk? with at least 15 or 20 miles of total distance… I will appreciate it 🙂 Cheers from Ireland


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