Weekly photo challenge: Vibrant

In reply to Jen Hooks blog post..

Something vibrant doesn’t have to be always colourful, richful or more in depths of texture.. We usually connect vibrant with the meaning of something that resonate with us on some level.. Conscious or unconscious, it doesn’t matter because whatever is vibrant for you in this moment might be insignificant for someone else, so what is this vibrant really? Deep, rich, full of _____ fill in the blank..

Vibrant seems to be that thing, which gives you wings.. whenever you forget about your true self..

Vibrant seems to be that non-thing, which is inside of us all.. whenever we choose to focus on our true nature, the spirit or inner power..

Vibrant seems to be one in all of creation.. in sadness, in joy, in failure and greatness achievement.. during the day or even a night.. while you are awake or inside the dream..

Vibrant is just a word, that we as individuality give a meaning to..

Enjoy your own meaning of the word: Vibrant,

Whenever and wherever you are heading..

~ Cheers


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11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Vibrant

  1. Absolutely love your interpretation of vibrant, Swav. “Vibrant seems to be one in all of creation.” Not just a bright colour, but it is the emotions within us. A feeling that uplifts us when we are feeling on cloud nine, or when we are trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope all is well 🙂


    1. Well.. It is as it is.. Glad that you have found interesting approach to look at.. We are all or we are in all.. of creation.. including your book which is in the process of realization.. Greetings from Ireland and I hope all is well with me 😊 by the way.. It’s lovely snowy weather here in Ireland.. How is your winter so far?


      1. Vibrant and uplifting – two feelings I believe go hand in hand during the creation of art a lot of the time. Currently my book is going slow…doing the second draft. I’ve just finished the first chapter this round. Needs work…

        Here in Australia it is summer. We have having a hot one this year. Bit of rain this evening. Hope all is well in Ireland. Earlier today I was listening to Irish band The Corrs 🙂

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        1. Ohh.. yes, summer 🙂 Australian Open.. tennis time.. one day I was talking to a friend, that creation of art is like going for a blind date.. you might feel excited and scared at the same time.. and always you don’t know how things will end up 🙂 Cheers

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