Texaco Children’s Art Competition 2016

Texaco Children’s art competition is also for young adults, up to 18 years of age. Opens up many doors of future development and career paths.. I still remember the logo design, which I did for one radio station.. while being a child around 12 years of age.. 25 years ago. Going through the notes, drawings and sketches, which I recommend to keep a copy for yourself is always great fun and very emotional, uplifting journey..

You can grab a leaflet from Texaco petrol station and enter before Monday, 29th February 2016..

” .. one of the features of the Texaco Children’s Art Competition is the Texaco Children’s Art Collection.. A selection of artwork from the Collection is then made available for the public to view in galleries and museums throughout Ireland in any given year.. In 2015, exhibitions took place in Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane.. the Cork Vision Centre.. the Highlanes Gallery in Drogheda and the Ulster Museum in Belfast.. ”

Good Luck.. and see you in the gallery!

~ Swav @PaintingsbySwav

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  1. Well, I couldn’t sleep tonight and so was on my computer and looked through your blogs. Interesting!! It’s making me look at my photography differently…and thinking I should get back into “blogging”. You have a unique way of expressing yourself and I like it. Keep it up!!

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