Cross Roads, Painting No. 80 by Swav

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I created this painting because.. a couple of things finally came to an end. At some stage of life.. We are going through the number of events, which are needed to understand ourselves better.

This time inspiration came from within and is showing interesting picture of crossroads.

When we look at life from the overall perspective we might see the planet earth from the distance of observer.. with many aspects of ouerselves as.. a different countries around the globe. The languages, cultures, migration.. Various type of lifestyle and habits as well.

We might see the movement or flow of chi.. as the change of weather for example.. The life force behind life itself.. The things connected or dis-connected.. co-creating and co-working with each other or not.. Something that works well for us and also the other side.. The aspect of life which is broken and might require immediate attention.

Something that needs to be healed, completed, fully recovered.. to move on in life.

You might have some other aspect of life in mind which is important to you at the moment… something that you really need to digest fully.. It might be connected to your personal or business story and.. Whatever it is.. It’s your own, private zoom in of consciousness for you to understand, to grasp it and feel it.. to make the nessesary change possible.

~ Enjoy your current chapter of life..

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7 thoughts on “Cross Roads, Painting No. 80 by Swav

  1. Love your art, Swav. Sometimes things do come to an end, and we have to make the best of what we have and move forwards. Agree that things are connected – everything happen for a reason and what’s meant to be is meant to be. Wishing you well and take care.

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    1. Yes Mabel.. One story is over and then another one needs to be sorted.. Good news is that: My Mom is finally at home.. so no need to drive up and down to @ St. James’s Hospital.. It’s time for another chapter: Active Recovery.. Take care yourself too! Warm regards from Ireland.. Swav.

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  2. Hi Swav,

    Firstly, great artwork. I think that there’s too much focus on art being as overtly amazing at the moment.
    This has a nice subtlety to it, allowing for more to be thought about it.

    Secondly, I hope that everything goes well and that your mum is able to keep on truckin’.

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    1. Thanks for your comment.

      This painting is.. like the picture of your waves. Some waves in life are easy while the other ones are not so friendly at the beginning.. but then from the perspective of time – they might be seen as the gifts.. from life itself.

      I hope too.. My mom is happy of almost everything, but also understand that the journey is not over yet.. Needs time..

      I wrote this a while ago: Time heals the wounds of misunderstanding your own self..

      ~ Enjoy your own waves! and Cheers from Ireland.

      PS I’ve noticed that you are getting better in street photography. Congrats!

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