Inner Faith, Painting No. 72 by Swav #FridayReads #bySwav


All you need is a bit of faith,

The real one from the source of your being.. We all comes to the point of life, where we might have to question the meaning of this lifetime, while at the same time.. The next chapter of life is unfolding by itself, just around the corner.

A bit of faith in your ability to trust life and go forward, to reach new horizons and play fully in the game of life, whichever it is or not for you.. It’s still based on the energy flow and circulation.

As you know already the next chapter, that you are aware of might be alone one or well crowded with friends, it’s all depend on your own introspection and non judgement feeling of it..

Which way now?

The river just flows, because has no choice of stepping out of the current direction, but at the same time it seems like, having all the joy there is available..

All depends on observer, someone might say.. it sucks, because can’t go the other way around and uphill direction.. but at the same time, just flows.. and flows spontaneously with joy of being alive.. pure water.

I don’t know exactly, what makes life more easy, obvious, enjoyable and harmonious, but

The moment we accept life, as it is, including the point of reference of the minds game, it changes a lot for the better.

I hope the river, which flows around the corner of your town, the city or even a farm has something to offer, which can only be seen by your own perception of life and.. then experienced.

~ Enjoy, Swav.

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