The best time to write

I’ve seen the blog post with similar topic, written by the other blogger fellow from Blogging University. I couldn’t think of anything valuable as a content of reply and feedback, so I saved the link and left for inspired action to come… Welcoming the right moment of flow I began my other daily tasks, that needed my attention.

Blogging, especially writing is amazing, but also takes a lot of time, needs patience and perseverance along the way. The number of hours spent on writing, as part of development plan and increase of the skill set is uneasy to describe.

You have to be in writer shoes a good while to really get it, to feel it and have the experience of it. Not just from the positive and up lifting moments but also frustration, steering on the keyboard for hours and ending up with nothing.

I’m not saying this because I want to popularize self punishment, but from the perspective of real measurement and progress. The feedback which is in between the lines of both states of mind is needed, at least for someone who wants to be better.

For someone who’s dreaming about finding his own style and the moment of flow…

Flow saves a lot of time, but also requires attention to get to know yourself better. Somehow it’s not as hard as the scientist might would say or make a statement of it, describing as super duper advanced formula thing…

The whole process requires one thing which is in common of many great artists and famous writers by the skills they have. An open heart and mind to create specific playground for the purpose of practice, selection and decision making. Inspiration comes differently for each of us, as I guess, but when it shows there’s seems to be no hesitation at all.

You just know what to do, surfing on the wave of inspired action and moved by invisible forces that gives you wings, or even… Like the sailor who’s on the journey through the ocean of life, to find his promised land of happiness and fulfilment.

The joy of life and the deep love to what’s in your heart is inside you, and creates all the magical moments along the way. The time when inspiration comes is like an extra bonus for you from the effort you’ve made…

Then, if your life is about writing you write with enjoyment… If your life is about painting you paint… If your life is about something else you do so, whatever it is, whenever it shows, wherever will takes you… you go ahead with it.

It’s the part of your own unique and authentic self, that makes the whole journey through life experiences so valuable and wonderful from the perspective of what’s deep down inside your heart… so why not to make this whole journey of writing or blogging an epic adventure?

The answer and decision is always left for us. Do you want to stay at the same playground or not is up to you, because you are the one who’s in charge of your life. The choice of direction were you want to go and what to do with your talents and skills is always at your own hands.

You can keep writing until irritation comes or basically see it in advance and save the post for continuation tomorrow or the next day after.

Trust and great fun along the way are my private navigation points of the best time to write.

Have a great writing… I save this one for continuation 🙂

I’m very curious… What is your best time or moment to write ?

* This post is my Day Ten assignment of Writing 101, Blogging University. Here are my other assignments:

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14 thoughts on “The best time to write

      1. That perfect moment just comes. When I feel the need to write, then I write. Like you said, inspiration is different for everyone. Your post reminds me of a TED talk I watched via Youtube where Elizabeth Gilbert said something about Ruth Stone, about grabbing poetry by the tail when it comes. And I think this applies to me. 🙂

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  1. You’ve just reminded me of the TED’s talk which is on my list to see… Thank you 😉 The moment to write for me is also like surfing on the wave or skydiving with full enjoyment 🙂


    1. Interesting approach to the moment of writing and flow of inspiration… a friend of mine starts the day with meditation focused on the heart, or a melody as she said. I do morning walking and some days evening as well, so it might be a part of my routine before writing, or a kind of specific warm up exercise… I’ll go for a walk then 🙂


  2. […] I was publishing my posts just for fun, whenever I felt inspired to do so… I wrote some number of posts during the day and some during the night… I did some writing on the beach as well, as part of Writing 101 challenge of Blogging University. I discovered that the time of publishing the post is the same important as the feeling and inspiration which created it at first place. […]


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