My favourite spot on the Open Space

Today is the first day of Writing 101 (Blogging University, Class of June ’14) so here is my post…

Every one of us has it’s own favourite place. The one where you can sing the song, enjoy the viewing or to think of something which sounds important to you… maybe a project or an idea that needs plenty of open space.

I’ve been on a trip for the last few days. I did some mountain walking in Northern Ireland, near Newry… enjoyed my favourite carrot cake with espresso… played some old-school games in funtasia park, and then… on the way back home, just right after the midnight

I parked my car on the beach… to listen to the sound of waves, feel the breeze of air and… notice the powerful element of water… amazing, up lifting and very touching experience all together, by the way…

What’s your favourite spot ?

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