The Journey

It was one of those days when you simply go with the flow living by the moment… Somehow, Sicily was our next stop of the travel map, the list of places where I and my fiancé has always dreamed of

This time the plan of action was spontaneous included only flight tickets to Palermo, and then the rest of the trip would be Sicily by Car with a few stops for a good night sleep. Sounds simple for me…

Arrival to the Palermo Airport of Punta Raisi was late enough, so all I noticed was… the blow of hot air and a big rock mountain on the right hand side. We’ve got to the car hire rental easily and received Fiat 500 Larger instead of some other car which wasn’t available, as stated by the man behind reception as very similar…

Still excited and full of adrenaline rush, I packed all the luggages and went on intuitive drive with clear intention of I want to remember this trip the most positive way, deep down inside, have plenty of fun, to feel joy of life and stay over night at the lacation with memorable views and panorama…

I decided to go ahead on this trip with no use of navigation system, because my personal challenge that time was to stay off line as much as I can, no internet, no emails, no laptop, etc…

Just me, Betty and Sicily by Car 🙂 Awesome experience, first time ever… and I’m still so excited by writing this now 🙂 I can recall all the parts of this journey so easily, probably because of the extra emotional connection to it and so many beautiful places.

It’s amazing of how the memory works, when you are in the state of great mood…

Within few minutes of driving by the motorway (a highway in the states), I came to the point of choice, and then the real adventure has started, at least for me… In one second I got a feeling to drive along the northern coast and then see further on… by the way, driving night time is the perfect example of trusting your gut feeling along the journey. You see only few hundred yards with the trust that there is another part of the road ahead of you…

The first place I stopped in was Mondello… it was dark and I drove around for a while already, has checked few hotels, but got the feeling of just… OK… I couldn’t explain why and what was going on in my head, but all I wanted to remember from this trip to Sicily, was far beyond that feeling.

With a bit of anxiety, which is normal in life, as the other side of compass or inner navigation signal, I went off the town based on my intuition. It was one of those times in life, when we start to learn something new about our capacity of skills and natural abilities, we were born with.

Outstanding moments… I started listen of what my heart is telling me, and decided to move on forward… In a short time of driving I saw the first sign with the total distance to Cefalu. I couldn’t explain why, but my inner guidance was telling me drive there, with very specific warm feeling inside my body.

We drove along the way listening to different  radio channels, which for us from Ireland sounded like… some kind of magic in between Italian Language news talk and Bruno Mars, Treasure song… which was played repeatedly by a few channels.

The distance between the Airport and Cefalu was quite long, but the trust with the mix of that song created specific wave of energy, which brought us to the place of first stay… I took the exit from the motorway through toll barriers (telepass) heading for Cefalu. When I saw the sign for Baia Del Capitano and I knew this is it…

In the morning I woke up refreshed, and I was very curious of the views… I opened the balcony and saw outstanding view of the mountains… I experienced the journey through thoughts, feelings and emotions which I can’t even put into the words… In a few moments, a big smile showed up on my face and stayed with me since then 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Journey

    1. Is this question for me 🙂
      Your trip to Sicily is very similar to my last trip (to Pisa and Brindisy; I should write about it too) – the magical air of Italy, the local radio stations (some of them I still listen to, online at home), traveling with car.. 🙂
      I’ve never been to Sicily, but I have a dream to go someday. One of my favorite tv-shows is set there – Inspector Montalbano. Have you seen it? It’s based on a detective book series. When I watch it, I remember all of my memories from Italy 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This question is for everyone, who’s ready to share 🙂 You’ve been to Pisa, so you already saw the magic of Tuscany… This is my next stop on the travel map connected with the next memorable views. I haven’t seen Montalbano series yet…


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