The Pure, Painting No. 66 by Swav

Last year in June..

I’ve got interesting and simple idea for.. a painting of which simplicity or pure-ness allow yourself to see your own reflection about you, yourself and I..

I mean your own voice or the structure of which you recognize yourself as an artist, painter, writer.. blogger, builder.. a sales man, an accountant.. manager or CEO of a company for example.

Simplicity is based on the centre or circle of choice, perhaps on some deep internal level. The space within the self where all there is begins to flow. The source of an idea or spark of energy, which starts at the top of.. a mountain and then flows with ease and enjoyment. The journey or specific distance, which is needed.. for river to reach the ocean is called adventure.

The pure joy of life is all the time within us.. inside us.. around us..

Life is joy within the play of consciousness or the construct of mind.. and whenever the mind is calm and non judgemental the things or events around you.. seems to happen simultaneously and spontaneously.. It’s like the magic of synchronized universe, which plays the song for you.. but you have to choose, if you want to be the dancer.

~ Enjoy your own song of life and dance with pure enjoyment..!

Swav @paintingsbyswav (on twitter)

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3 thoughts on “The Pure, Painting No. 66 by Swav

  1. Beautiful take on the simple life and finding joy, Swav. I love how you say it at the end, that we need to choose if we want to be the dancer. So true. If we want to find meaning in life, we have to live it on our own terms and be who we are and want to be 🙂

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    1. The moment of choice is the beauty of life, being aware of it.. makes the whole journey acceptable and more easy to swallow at some stage or challenge of life.. Keep well!

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