Weekly photo challenge: Numbers

The numbers are everywhere.. in nature or construction of buildings. The physical things and non visible ones.. While you are awake or during the dream.

The numbers are just the numbers, they might become superficial or supernatural for yourself.. depend on your attention or chapter of life.

The number which is important for me as the person, is the number: 10.. the day of my birthday in May.

I’m curious about your number or numbers of choice..

Good Luck..

with your venture!

and weekend for sure..

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (on twitter)

#numbers #ten #birthoflife

5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Numbers

  1. Ten. Perfect ten. And your birthday number too. There is something wholesome about that number…the start of pairs and the double digits, going up and far to bigger digits and distances. For me, I’ve always liked the number two.

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    1. Thank you dear.. number 2 is very interesting for me as well.. it might represent two single ones (II) or the picture of a tall tree for example.. which one is the tallest in Australia by the way ?


      1. I have no idea which is the tallest tree in Australia. But we have many, many trees, and many many, many of them are very tall 😀

        The number 2 as two single ones…two people together…I think you and I think alike, Swav 🙂

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