Birth of Life, Painting No. 10 by Swav

When I was thinking about humanity as part of this week’s photo challenge, somehow this painting came into my mind…

As we all know humanity and the spirit of a human being is what we need nowadays to bring balance back to this wonderful world… I’m not sure, if this is even possible at all, but the hope and believing in the human spirit might be a good start point 🙂

This piece of art was created from a vision of birth of life in February of the current year…

What makes harmony in life ? or close connection to who we are ?

Is it the song of a melody of 1000’s birds ? or maybe… one song that vibrates inside the soul…

I was painting for hours and early morning came across an interesting radio show at true nature radio, it’s about the story of the heart channel… during which I found interesting connection between the heart, stomach and spirit.

What’s also interesting is that, in many places around the world, people are used to say… follow your heart, and the answers for your deepest questions will come naturally… at the right time and place.

Have a great weekend to you all 🙂

Birth of life, heart and soul

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18 thoughts on “Birth of Life, Painting No. 10 by Swav

  1. Isnt the meaning of humanity filling one’s life with all colors? Thats how i will try to interpret this photo. Colors are so quintessential part of one’s life, and through your photo, you have captured this complete cycle of life. Really liked it very much and your blog. Thanks for presenting to all of us. Do visit my photo blog as well, where you will find similar colors of humanity 🙂

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    1. The meaning might be different for all of us… sharing ideas through the art and creative projects might be one of them… then finding our own perspective with full spectrum of colors of the rainbow is easier and more fun as well 🙂 Fun, love and joy of life are the essence of the true self, no one is teaching this in school, so we have to learn it on our own 🙂 I love the set of your photos…

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  2. Brilliant interpretation of this week’s challenge, Swav. I love the painting. The bright colours give a vibrant feel to the whole picture, and that orange circle reminds me of an egg yolk – symbolic of life. Sometimes following your heart is never easy and requires a lot of courage. But like you, I think that if we choose this route and help others along the way, our questions will be answered when the time is right 🙂

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    1. Listening and perceiving the world outside from the perspective of the heart needs a bit of time and practice… it’s like a friendship that you want to create, in this case with your own self, and then… all the trust that you might need along the way and understanding of the path will show up in perfect timing 🙂


        1. you are welcome 🙂 from my perspective… the funniest thing about the journey of life is that we don’t have to earn anything at all, completely nothing… because all we ‘need’ we ‘have’ from the very beginning of this life time… it’s all inside us, stored in the heart or soul, as we might say so… but going through many life’s experiences, we tend to let go of what we had valuable and important to make this journey of current life time, the most productive one from the perspective of needs of our soul. Mind will always bend or twist, because of so many interesting concepts and statements, but the heart is always still at the centre of our gravity point on this earth, in this body, in this reincarnation as my friend from India would love to say 🙂


          1. Maybe that’s why life is a journey, a journey of self-discovery a lot of the time. Very wise words, Swav. I couldn’t have said it better myself. You really should write a book, if you haven’t already 🙂

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          2. I have a great plan for the book which is also connected to the discovery of my own style of painting, but most of all will be focused on the stories of 36 paintings of my first collection… I just have to find a way to write it down from the perspective of my heart 🙂

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