Weekly photo challenge: Texture(S)

This week @PhotoChallenge class is all about: Texture(S)

The interpretation of Texture(s) are usually connected to physical things and objects, which we can see and touch.. but what if: The texture(s) can be found in music, the melody and structure behind a song?

Every Sunday,

I do my best to find the time for art and design, while listening to variety of music.. I pulled out some unusual vinyls today and surprised myself again.. The texture(s) of sound and specific noise on the background of LP’s and some 12″-es is amazing. The same music, same song or melody within, but different medium.. a turntable instead of virtual sound of digital era is able to bring you closer.. much closer towards the structure of inspiration.

Keep well folks!

Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)


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