Take your time to ascend and fly

This week @weeklyphoto class is all about: Ascend

*** Every once for a while..

I receive a letter and/or meaningful postcard.

I took the time today.. to read it all over again and look at this postcard without the pressure to reply.

Every one of us was born with specific talent, ability or a skill, which can be mastered over time.. while ascending the wisdom of life.

Most of the skills or abilities might be hidden for a while, which is connected to our own wisdom of choice (stages of life)

There’s no better time to stop.. and get a feeling of life’s direction.. like now in December.

Our life is becoming more and more digital and most of the time we are living in the head.. way too much in the mind nowadays, which reminds me about the importance of balance.

The search of true happiness within, acceptance and flow.. as well as the stillness within and nothing at all..

Its like the pull of gravity towards the Earth or Saturn for example.. which brings your inner desires and authentic dreams to the surface.

And somehow you don’t know why but you are attracted to specific places and people around.. while on the search of something, which is important to you..

Something that wants to be seen.. digested fully.. to move on in life with ease.

We are in the moment of time.. just 2 weeks before 2018.

I don’t know the next chapter of life which awaits already, but..

I’d love to wish you the best time ever and magnificent year of 2018 in advance!

Enjoy your journey 🙂

Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

..The greatness of time in December is the measure of trust in life..

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