Weekly photo challenge: Atop

This week @PhotoChallenge class is all about: Atop

Atop – reminds me of specific trip to Northern Ireland.. the first letter of this word is A and then top, which gives you specific direction towards the mountain of A itself.. Where, at the top of it you might enjoy the view and 360 degrees panorama.. especially, when all the fog sits down the bay.

Sometimes.. the journey is short while other time.. might take days, weeks or months for example, but the most important part of it – is enjoyment. If we don’t enjoy it, we might have to change the pace, the distance of every single move forward – or – the whole attitude towards the journey to Atop – if needed.

~ Enjoy your day!

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11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Atop

          1. Well, there are many but I have nothing remarkable to recommend. I’ll suggest you create a tag follow in wordpress with Himalayas/ Himalaya or even Nepal. Will let you know onec I come across something great. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful view from the top, Swav. Agree with you when you say that both the journey and view should be enjoyed. Nothing like a sweet journey to the top where we take in every moment and enjoy every step…bliss. Happy Spring and hopefully many more walks for you 🙂

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