Spinning the Wheels of Music, Painting no. 55 by Swav

The last few days were excitingly about the music, two full days of dancing and jumping around. The music and deep rhythm is in my blood somehow. I reminded myself of the times of underground parties, we used to organize in late 90’s with the bunch of friends around house music and techno.

I was cleaning my closet last friday and have found some old school and classic vinyls, EP’s and LP’s. Mostly funky, groovy and disco house records and some white labels. I received a box of them many years ago from presenter and disc jockey of BBC Radio 1, John Peel.

Immediately one event came up to my mind, the last long weekend party in an old warehouse. Two days before, I decided to leave my homeland and travel across Europe. Life is the journey and whenever the inspiration comes, I’m ready to let myself go and flow with the river of life. The biggest life adventure can start in this moment of time and space, and most of them are just around the corner and ready for action…

The surfers believe that, doesn’t matter where you are or where you are heading, you can always find something interesting around you, we just need to let our eyes see it, feel it and experience it. Approach to life and attitude is like the lens of the camera, which can zoom in and out of whatever you focus on, so why not to focus on fun ? and music that makes your blood pumping and vibrating, the way you always has dreamed of…

My most memorable journeys and music events are connected to the city I love the most, because of many reasons… It’s Berlin, the capital city of Germany and multi cultural place of music lovers, especially the electronic one. As a young lad, I traveled over there many times for parties, incl. Love Parade, a big event on the streets of city centre.

The biggest and most reminded ones are events from 1997 and 1999, with the anthems created by German DJ’s and music producers, Dr. Motte & Westbam. Here are the links to youtube files:

I still remember one of the trucks, full of crazy ravers from around the world, with the big name of Elevator on both sides, probably a sponsor as far as I remember 🙂 Thanks for letting me in on your dancing truck, the music was so loud, that I felt the beats and music pumping for days after the event.


Next week…

I’ll be in RTE 2 television studio as part of their brand new comedy music panel show… I will keep you posted, Swav.

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  1. Thank you… I’ll do my best to reply for your nomination, I still have to reply for other three nominations for the liebster award… Inspiration flows like the river, from the heart to the hearts of others, Cheers from sunny Ireland


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