How to say: Hi, How are you ? in your native language

I was checking the stats of my blog recently and saw the list of 77 countries… where other fellow bloggers and individuals are watching and reading the content which I share on this blog. I thought…

WOW… some of the countries are so far away from Ireland, and still reachable over the internet, this is fantastic… and as we all communicate with each other in English nowadays, so…

…The idea to learn other languages or at least a few foreign words, came to me during the workshop we did last week for kids @ one of Dublin’s primary schools… it was a lot of fun of writing ‘painting’ on the wall with plenty of talented ‘young individuals’… On the way back from the lunch, I thought hmm… maybe, I’ll buy something for them, and I bought a box of ‘kinder surprise eggs’… I had no idea why, but I followed my gut feeling and at the end of the day, we had even more fun of reading the leaflets, which are inside these eggs, they are written in dozen number of foreign languages, so each of us including teachers pretended to be native speaker of Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, German, etc… Reading out loud was the best part…

I’d love to learn at least a few words in your native language, if you are willing to be my teacher of course 🙂 Here are the words that came to my mind:

  • Hi
  • How are you?
  • Wonderful
  • Thank you
  • I love you

If you know some other words, which can be used in specific occasions, such as Aloha in Hawaiian language…

I’d love to learn them too 🙂 Cheers from Ireland

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18 thoughts on “How to say: Hi, How are you ? in your native language

  1. Hi swav 🙂
    India is a diverse land with hundreds of languages, I speak a few. Let me help you out.

    Hindi –
    Hi – namsate
    How are you? / kaise hain app? / kaise ho? / kaise hai?
    Wonderful / badiya / mast
    Thank you / shukriya / dhanyavad
    I love you – main tumse pyaar karta hoon( for guys) or
    main tumse pyaar karti hoon (for women)

    Kannada – Spoken in Karnataka, a southern state ( this is my mother tongue)
    Hi – namaskara
    How are you? – henga idhirri?
    Wonderful – adhubuta
    Thank you – dhanyavadh
    I love you – naanu ninne preetistenu

    Tamil – An other southern language spoken in Tamil Nadu, I am from Chennai, the capital of TN
    Hi – vanakkam
    How are you? yepdi irrukeenga? / yepdi irruka?
    Wonderful – mass ( very informal ) / gethu (informal again)
    Thank you – nadnri
    I love you – naa unnai kaadhalikkiren

    Enough languages from my side xD

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    1. Wow… That’s brilliant, as I guess every region of India has it’s own dialect as well 🙂 I’m wondering now how do I pronounce them correctly 🙂 I haven’t thought about it yet… Dhanyavadh


  2. I can see Bulgaria is missing from your list (very active on mine, as this is where I come from). I live in the UK, but am sure you would like to know the Bulgarian for these words:

    Hi – Здрасти (pronounced ‘zdrasti’)
    How are you? – Как си? (‘kak si’)
    Wonderful – Чудесно! (‘chudesno’)
    Thank you – Благодаря (‘blagodarya’)
    I love you – Обичам те (‘obicham te’)

    I am now curious about your blog, so will follow you. I hope you’ll check mine out and will maybe follow it back!

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    1. Ohh lovely… thank you very much for your effort, I’m still working on the previous ones, so will have to find the way of re-stretching my mind connections, because ‘what if…’ the other folks will reply to this post ?;) Cheers from Ireland, Swav

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  3. Hi Swav,
    I am from the Philippines and here is how we say it in Tagalog:

    ◾Hi – Hi! (same thing in English)
    ◾How are you? – “Kumusta?” (like Como estas in Spanish)
    ◾Wonderful – “Ayos” or “Okay”
    ◾Thank you – “Salamat” ; Thank you very much = “Maraming Salamat”
    ◾I love you – “Mahal kita” ; if you are saying I love you all = “Mahal ko kayong lahat” or simply “Mahal ko kayo” 🙂


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    1. Some of the words sounds to me like Hawaiian language or at least Polynesian, in my own understanding… I used to watch a lot of documentary about Polynesian Sailors crossing the ocean without the navigation systems, but always with great results… I might even blog abou it 🙂 Dziękuję Bardzo 🙂


  4. Our language is a mix of different cultures some sounded like Malay like the Salamat while malays say “selamat” (but this means “You’re Welcome” in Malay). Then some Spanish words as were conquered by Spain for 300 years (Ok history will stop here) hahah and then Chinese. 😛

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    1. WOW… I was listening of the radio show the other day, on the way back home… they played some Irish Songs which sounded like Hawaiians or Polynesians Chants. Chinese is a fantastic language as well…

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  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I have been browsing the WordPress shelves this week and as usual have come across some new and talented blogs (to me) and Paintings by Swav fits the bill – images, colour and poetry alongside some interesting posts on communication. This one reminded me that I tend to prattle away in English 95% of the time with the occasional dabble into Spanish and expect everyone else to follow suit – I will try to do better and if necessary enlist the help of Google Translate and hope I do not end up insulting people….. great post

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  6. In Georgian:
    Hi გაუმარჯოს Gaumarjos
    How are you? როგორ ხარ? Rogor khar?
    Wonderful საკვირველი sakvirveli
    Thank you მადლობა madloba
    I love you მიყვარხარ mikhvarkhar

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