Photography 101: Connect (11 random facts)

It’s 10th of November, 2014 and:

I still remember the day, when I bought my first gaming console Atari and computer for coding Commodore 64, with specific cassette player and up loader.

The moment of uploading and going online with my first ever created website, nearly 15 years ago will be connected to specific sound of 54k internet modem.

I’ve learned my first graphic design skills in 1998 with magnificent paint software of Microsoft Windows 98, which was the successor to Windows 95.

The spark of energy to bodybuilding and fitness was born inside me 19 years ago, and stayed with me since then, like the best friend ever.

Birth of passion for outdoor activity of walking, was as natural to me as breathing and deeply transformational 11 years ago.

Curiosity to see how much my physical body can handle, ended up with endurance challenge last year and total distance of +3000 km done in a single year.

I’m an old school guy so I keep my notes and recently achieved +16,000 km of walking, just a couple of days ago, which equals a trip around the earth on foot 😉

16,000 km is also the total distance of the average Irish motorist drives every year, or rally on motorcycle from London to Mongolia done by three Limerick men last September.

The spark of inspiration to start painting again, after 25 years of inner journey and transformation created specific wave of deep changes in my life.

The moment I felt an urge to write and express myself, I created this blog in the state of inspired action 10 months ago.

Until today, this space of the blogosphere was visited by thousands of visitors in the last quarter with the number of 83 countries on the world map here.

So, whatever you want to start today, trust yourself and enjoy the road forward…

… because then, you will be able to look back later on in life and say, I actually did that!

* If you came to read this post from the Class of September, you can find connection between the facts above and have a great week full of adventure, Swav 🙂

13 thoughts on “Photography 101: Connect (11 random facts)

    1. Interesting for sure… and also very challenging until I realized, it’s time to discover different approach to life, from my perspective it was more about adjusting the lenses, through which I perceive myself and the world around… Everything seems to be so simple after the years of banging the wall, which didn’t exist at all 🙂 Thanks for your comment…

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      1. It will be interesting to follow your journey and see if it stays so simple. I think we constantly recreate ourselves, and we just get past one hurdle, and we can’t stand it until we have another one ahead of us. Or at least I seem to be driven that way. 🙂 That’s not to say I don’t love life, because I do, and I find great joy in it! 🙂


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