Photography 101: Day 10, Mystery

I took these pictures during walking yesterday. Anyone of you have noticed that photography, or the first steps of taking better photos has changed your perception, slightly ?

I achieved pretty much during the last 10 days of taking photos, even with the use of just mobile phone in my hands, I started to notice the difference between, the moment of taking an average or normal photo and the one, that captures the whole essence of the shot. Where lights, shadows and correlation between the elements of environment plays major role of capturing the moment.

Today’s theme of Photography 101, Day 10 is Mystery, so here are 6 photos with deeper meaning inside them…

The first one is about the tree, very specific one, we’ve seen this tree dozen number of times while walking on college – homebase route. This tree was the only one without the leafs in spring, during the summer and now at the end of the season, reveals the little fruits and shines on it’s own beauty.

Betty was laughing the other day, and she said… it must be because of the still water that you’ve shared with this tree so many times. Well it’s Evian, bottled water from some gorgeous place in France 🙂

Have fun with the other ones 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Photography 101: Day 10, Mystery

  1. I whole heartedly agree. As I’ve become somewhat proficient with my camera I look at, maybe more accurately I “See” the world around me in a much different way than I did before a camera became part of my life.

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    1. Is it specific kind of skill that allow you zoom in and zoom out in advance, to get that extra quality of picture, because… I’m having a feeling of being extra sensitive, while holding camera in my hands and ready to take that fantastic shot 🙂

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      1. No special skill at all. All you need to do is have a long enough exposure time to be able to zoom either in or out while the shutter is open. Stopping down to a small aperture will help with this, F/16 or smaller depending on how much light there is.

        A tripod is a huge help too. In fact I’m never without one. But you could probably get this effect when hand holding your camera because with a shot like this you’re not after absolute sharpness anyway.

        Lastly, you’ll need to experiment with zooming. In or out, how fast or slow, to get the look you want.

        It really is that easy.

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