Photography 101, Home

Today is the first day of Photography 101 of Blogging University, and today’s assignment is: Home, so let’s move on to my interpretation…

Home sweet Home

Home for me is the essence of connection, of being connected to who I am today… Home is consciousness and awareness about myself, about the vision of life… to discover, to experience and to have a feeling that everything around me is perfect, even in it’s own imperfection…

It’s all creation isn’t it ?

Home many years ago for me was the meaning of life I was searching for, the sound of the nature that was calling, the spark of energy that made me travel, to go for adventure, to find out more about myself, about the world outside and possibilities…

Home for me today is everything, including you, your neighbor or a barking dog… Home is where we live today, home is in the moment of creation, whenever you let yourself go to create from within, from your deepest passions and talents…

Home is something that I’m not searching for anymore, because I know and I’m sure, it’s inside me, it’s part of me I have connection with and wherever I go, he will go with me… It’s like guarding angel for some of us, who believes and hopes for the better future…

The better understanding of who we are on this beautiful planet called Earth, which is our Home also, for this physical body, spirit and mind as well. They are all welcome, no one is better or worse, no one is more accepted or not, everything is welcome because is part of me, part of you and part of us as a whole…

Home is where I stand today, and where I will decide to stand tomorrow, it’s timeless, it’s endless… the space of all my creations and future developments, from the heart, to the heart and hearts of others… I took the picture of this grocery bag, which somehow fell into my hands today.

Reminds me of the wonderful trip to Barcelona, not so long ago and also the tree of life, which grows and gives the fruits, while being with us during this lifetime. The tree that symbolizes the nature of all creation and also reminds us of staying well grounded with all the concepts and dreams, that we might have and wish to have, to become true.

Have a wonderful day and very green week ahead,

Cheers, Swav

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Photography 101, Day 1: Home, Class of November
Photography 101, Day 1: Home, Class of November

17 thoughts on “Photography 101, Home

  1. Love the picture, so tranquil and this part really resonated with me “Home is where I stand today, and where I will decide to stand tomorrow”. I love to move and some people don’t understand because they have a physical ‘home’. I like to think that home is where I am with my loved ones not a structure with a label. Thank you for starting the week off wonderfully for me with this beautiful post!

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    1. A couple of years ago I had a dream, a wonderful dream, full of colors of the rainbow and I saw the planet earth from the space, the planet which is awakening from the long sleep, I saw many different colors dancing together all around the place, and I’m sure today that we are all dancers, in our own way of expression… Thank you for wonderful comment 🙂

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