Photography 101, Street

Hi guys, I’ve been shooting photos until late yesterday, so I hadn’t enough time to upload my assignment. Here is my interpretation of Photography 101, Day 2: Street…

Street, an alley or a side road can always bring you closer to the place of discoveries. It’s like specific zoom in to the place you are heading for… Motorway is great for a fast forward moving along the traffic, but the moment you take the nearest exit, the journey begins to be more in detail. The time seems to slow down a bit, the tempo of your heart beat starts to match the sound of nature around you…

You take your first steps along the alley and in a minute or so, you are in different world of experience, your own experience of time and space in the current moment.

The trees on both sides of the street below, looks like guarding angel at the entrance to your own space, your own home, which we have discussed yesterday in the class as well. Protective element of nature or supportive spirit that is always with you, beside you, and wherever you go he travels with you…

I took these photographies in EMO Court and Woods yesterday, Cheers.

* Emo Court was designed by the architect James Gandon in 1790 and is on the list of Heritage Ireland.

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