Let The River Flow, Painting No. 52 by Swav

This painting opens up my third collection and for myself personally has a very special meaning.

Let the river flow, whenever you feel blocked or stuck at some stage of your development. Whenever you feel that writer’s block just let it go, and let your worries flow with the river, because at some point they will reach the ocean of life, which will take care of them easily and effortlessly.

Transforming the fears of unknown into desired actions and restoring your inner passion for life.


* Have a look on the angular part of this painting and let me know, What it feels like ?

** I painted this piece of art upside down originally, but from the perspective of 180 degrees of rotation, it gives much more depth of the feelings…

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Let The River Flow, Painting No. 52 by Swav, 21 november 2014

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