Weekly photo challenge: Refraction

Today’s weekly photo challenge is refraction, which definitely has plenty of meanings, one of them for me is very special and invisible connection between paintings… There’s seems to be something, which is not easy to describe, but at the same time connects bits and pieces of the whole picture, for example on this triptych and the other ones,

This week… I’m re-blogging my previous posts, while doing hiking in Co. Wicklow 🙂

Here is the link to original post about triptych No. 4: Inspirations of life, Triptych No. 4 by Swav

and also the link to original post about triptych No. 3:  The Dancer, Triptych No. 3 by Swav

19 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Refraction

  1. Very creative interpretation of this week’s challenge, Swav. Each painting shines on it’s own, yet they can be joined seamlessly together, like bits of a puzzle to form a bigger picture. I see what you did there.

    I get a very happy vibe from all the colour in the paintings. Also, when we’re connected to something, someone or some place that matters to us, we tend to feel happier too. This is a very thoughtful work of art indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I usually paint for 10 or even more hours without the feeling of being tired, so this kind of state of being very connected to myself and the energy of the heart explains to me many things… Watching and viewing the art when is finished is the whole new dimension of experience… Thanks for your comment Mabel 🙂


      1. Making the art and viewing the art when finished. I’ve never thought about creativity that way. When inspiration hits you, it hits you. Painting for hours, you must be painting from the heart, putting all of yourself into your art 🙂

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        1. The discovery of painting, an inner talent brought within the other interesting aspect of life, which for me before was so far away, like the trip to the moon for example, and today am closer and closer the full joy of life, which comes from the heart… the joy of painting, the joy of writing, the joy of doing grocery shopping, etc. the deep feeling is like the river inside that want’s to dance and sing the song with the flow of my own nature, it’s beutiful, it’s different… even compared to any positive emotion I can come up with, it’s a deep feeling… maybe ‘the song of life’ of this lifetime… inside the book, which I’ve mentioned here: https://byswav.com/2014/10/25/photo-journey-national-geographic-book/

          I found something like that…


      2. I can go with the watching and viewing of your art after it is finished. It is not just another product to be put away. The old photographers used to make large enlargements of their best photos and put it on the wall for a few days before they could be sure it stood the test of time. One famous photographer, I forget who, actually said you cannot judge a photograph till it has been on the wall for sometime and ‘I have had time to look at it everyday and I can make my mind about it’. I like that. I put small prints on my wall above my desk and if I don’t like them, take them off.

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        1. Perfect comment dear friend 🙂 since a couple of days, I’m thinking about… which painting to choose for an art competition, which will end up with exhibition in Venice 21st of March 2015, I have the time until 6th November to upload my art work, maybe I should blog about it, I’ve a few in mind…


    2. … the best part for me is when I have a chance to see reflections of other viewers, especially kids during the workshops… some of them are amazing, they see closer, deeper and more intuitively rather than thinking about it… they go into the feeling mode of the heart, and then explain how these paintings dance together, it’s a whole new level of perception even for me 🙂


    1. The weather was very windy and rainy at the end of the day, but when I sat down with my friends, I had the best tee time ever… then we went together to the local pub for a symbolic pint of guinness 🙂 I will have a look on the blog, Thanks Robert

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      1. Guinness you say, I had my first taste in Ireland. Yes it was the real stuff! I was a soldier returning from an Iraq deployment with a layover in Ireland. The grass really is greener there! Our leaders told us they would buy each soldier 2 drinks, well wanted no part of that drinking stuff. My good friend got the 1SG who with threat of military judicial punishment insisted I drink the Guiness. Now I’m a life long Irishman…Ha.

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        1. Robert… you’ve got me thinking about interesting subject, I will reply to you’r comment with the new blog post… I will add the link here later on 🙂 Thanks mate


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