Great, you have followers. Now what?

I don’t usually reblog stuff but this topic might be valuable for you as well… I was thinking about it last weekend in Co. Wicklow, while doing hiking and nearly fell off the cliff 🙂

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For most of us, the thrill of clicking “publish” on a blog post has a less-pleasant side effect: the dread that it will fall alone in the online forest, unread and unheard. Eventually, though, someone else will wander through your neck of the woods — probably a few someones. Followers!

Now what?

Keep up the good work.

When we realize we have an actual, not-just-our-best-friend audience, some of us freeze up a little. It’s one thing to publish a post, but another to know that people — strangers, even! — are actually paying attention. Many bloggers fall into one of two common traps that seem like smart decisions, but undermine your success.

  1. Pushing yourself to post more frequently. Your audience already likes your current pace, and making yourself blog more will only lead to burnout. If you’re inspired to create more, awesome! But there’s no need to force it for your audience.

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7 thoughts on “Great, you have followers. Now what?

    1. … it’s a good reminder of listening to our own voice instead of playing the game of the mind, which can be twisted and bended, whenever he starts to see other blogs and their content as better or worse, which is not healthy at all, staying true to myself is the most important part, then the river of life just flows…

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    1. I’ve heard once from an old Irish Paddy in Co. Kerry, that everyone has a talent, very specific one and unique, but not everyone is bold enough to learn the melody of it… to follow the heart, which is a natural born compass and not every one is ready to flow with the river of life… letting the bliss state to be as normal as breathing… I’m still learning this, but I’m patient 🙂

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      1. Yeah, I think you pointed out the core difference between people who dare to persuade their hearts (hobbies, dreams,etc…) and those who are too scare to do that. There is no excuse for abandoned what your heart desire the most. I’m on the way to find my silver lightning, too 🙂 Nice to know there are many brave people out there.


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