The taste of experience and a pint of guinness

The inspiration to write a blog post comes from different sources, directions and usually flows with specific rhythm, I prefer to call it a melody.

The subject of this blog post came out from conversation with Robert, which is here:

and started with something like that:

The weather was very windy and rainy, but at the end of the day I sat with my friends and had the best tee time ever… then we went together to the local pub for a symbolic pint of guinness 🙂

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  • Guinness you say, I had my first taste in Ireland. Yes it was the real stuff! I was a soldier returning from an Iraq deployment with a layover in Ireland. The grass really is greener there! Our leaders told us they would buy each soldier 2 drinks, well wanted no part of that drinking stuff. My good friend got the 1SG who with threat of military judicial punishment insisted I drink the Guiness. Now I’m a life long Irishman…Ha.

So, let’s move on to the point of what I’m talking about…

The experience of life, experiencing the current moment and spontaneous flow of joy, which is the essence of life, as Padraig has said at the top of the mountain… We don’t hike to burn calories, to get fit or stay in shape. This physical aspect of outdoor activity is a bonus, it’s like the cherry on the top of your favorite fresh cream fruit cake or the best ever piece of carrot cake for example.

The experience of the journey to the place you are heading for is the most valuable fuel, for you and your soul and could be described as hardship, a miserable one, unhappy and toxic, but at the same time depend on your choice as the creator of your life, might be the most enjoyable experience ever…

We did a lot of miles that day, without the gps, navigation systems or mobile phones, because they are distractions of the experience, the moment you turn your phone off, at the middle of nowhere trusting your own compass, which I expressed on this painting a while ago: The Compass, Painting No. 27 by Swav

You starts to feel the sensations of your own genius in it’s simplicity, the kind of ‘trust of yourself’ feeling spreading through your whole body, mind and soul, connecting you to the core of who you are, the true you or ‘I am ness’ as Niall has said the other day.

For him as the CEO, which is all the time connected and available over the phone and other tools and apps, the moment of being off line is like the most ‘spiritual experience’ you can even imagine. His a good lad, always looking on life from many different perspectives, he plays with it while not taking the stuff so seriously, as most of his employees.

We’ve worked together on many different projects over the last 10 years or so. I used to be a trainer and master coach those days and… it doesn’t matter to me anymore because I set myself free from all of the illusions of the system we are living in. I mean the title, position of life, the career and all the things society want’s you to believe in…

It’s a long story… probably for another blog post some other day…

We closed that day of hiking experience in one of the typical and old enough pub. The moment we left our gear at the corner of that place, we started to enjoy the moment, sometimes a bit strange conversations, the smell of the farm and all the other wonderful wonders of being on the country side. Close to the land of fathers and mothers and cattles and sheeps and…

Relax don’t take it so seriously to yourself…

We felt the joy of connection to that place, to those people and their stories, their life and the perspective of seeing the world from the other side of possibilities…

Just take a deep breath of air of that open space to feel the energy flowing inside you, whenever the doubts of mind or other distractions of life will start to play with ya, don’t play their game, don’t even try to taste their melody, trusting your own melody to shine, to sing out loud the most wonderful song ever created by you, your own hands and spirit.

Enjoy the weekend, Swav

PS This blog post is part of my weekly challenge to do a bit of writing and photo shooting as well.

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