The Compass, Painting No. 27 by Swav

This piece of art shows a lot of contrasts between the lines of shapes and colours, so enjoy the story of this one:

Once upon a time..

I had a couple of thoughts about inner navigation, which is probably based on intuition. My first thought was, it must be deeper than just intuition, or maybe intuition is some kind of connecting factor.. and then, I started to wonder, what it is, what it looks like and what it would be like, to have access to it based on trust. At any moment, in any time, anywhere..

Then, I began to think about the compass, the function of it, the purpose and meaning of it.. Then came on the theme of life, What is life ? What is the journey of life ? and How to make it an epic adventure.. full of passion, joy, excitement, discoveries, understandings, fun or whatever you feel is important to you..

Most of the times in life, we know exactly, what to do and what to say and also where to go. The only one thing that could stop someone from reaching their own way to the biggest dreams and desires in life is hesitation, a temporary lack of access to the personal compass.

Nowadays, some people are getting so frustrated by the loss of network coverage or connection to the internet.. during a meeting or lunch with family members.

I understand the need and importance to tweet or share our thoughts through social media, to stay connected, up to date.. but sometimes it is good to be off line for a while, or disconnected from whatever disrupts our own navigation signal, to simply establish closer connection with who we are, by the renewal of synchronization to your own compass.. the heart beat.

~ Have a great weekend, Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

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