Inspirations of life, Triptych No. 4 by Swav

There’s no weekly photo challenge today, because of the independence day in America, so… I’ve picked my own theme for today’s post, which somehow perfectly fits into the 4th of July.

This is the 4th triptych in my collection which I called ‘ Inspirations of life ‘. Most of my paintings can be join together as pieces of the puzzle, revealing the deeper story of their hidden potential. I never plan to paint them this way or another, but they seems to have some connection with each other anyway.

Whenever I start to paint, my work goes easily and effortlessly, moving forward in specific rhythm of the melody, that I feel inside to express on canvas. This triptych is made of three paintings. They were created during one of the most creative weeks in April, and here they are:

Have a great weekend and see you next Friday…

4th of July, Swav

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One thought on “Inspirations of life, Triptych No. 4 by Swav

  1. […] Today’s weekly photo challenge is refraction, which definitely has plenty of meanings, one of them for me is very special and invisible connection between my paintings. There’s seems to be something, which is not easy to describe, but at the same time connects bits and pieces of the whole picture, for example on this triptych and the other ones, This week… I’m re-blogging the stuff I’ve published already while doing hiking in Co. Wicklow, Cheers.  Inspirations of life, Triptych No. 4 by Swav. […]


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