The Breath of The True Self, Painting No. 34 by Swav

Here is another post I published by writing from the heart… and also as part of the blogging challenge @zerotohero. To be honest… at the very beginning of my blogging journey, I had no idea of how is gonna be like, but now… it’s great fun, hands-on learning, practical advice from so many sources, group openness to share and growth of so many skills.

This painting represent my understanding of the breath of the true self, which for me is something like… the breeze of air from the source of who I am, a kind of reminder of what do I really want to accomplish during this lifetime. We all have the dreams and desires of many forms, shapes and intentions. We all want to live our life exactly as we always wanted to live… to love and be loved, to smile and make a smile on someone’s else face, to feel joy and become passionate about what we do in life… to have deep sense and purpose of life.

There’s also so many personal needs that I couldn’t even explain or put into the words, but somehow I understand… the need and importance of being yourself or becoming someone, who you really want to become.

This year has brought us some challenging events along the way, for me, for you and for us. I won’t be writing about the change of weather or a plague of depression, because is not the point… I want to mention something that from my perspective on current turbulences around the globe can bring us even brighter future than we can think of.

I dedicate this painting to everyone, who is going through some hardship in life or unclear situation… I wish him to find hope within for the better future and to trust that inner voice, which all the time says… listen to your heart… and the rest will follow… all the things that you need will show up with perfect timing… just trust, and work towards discovery of your own compass, because without the proper navigation, the sailor might be lost in the ocean of life or end up on the wrong Island…

Aloha Surfers 🙂

The Breath of The True Self, Painting No. 34 by Swav

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