Weekly photo challenge: Relax

Hi folks @PhotoChallenge class.. We’ve got an interesting word this week, which is: Relax.

When, I think about the meaning of {Re+Lax} snowy and rainy weather comes into my mind.. What’s the reason behind it? I don’t know.. Probably the sound of water, which flows or the magic of falling snow, which is an extra bonus in Ireland.. {Du+Ring winter}

I’m very curious about your {Cre+A+tive} interpretations..

~ Cheers from Ireland,

Swav @PaintingsbySwav (twitter)

5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Relax

  1. Love sharing your views with you this weekend, Swav. It sound and looks like winter has come to your town, and hope it isn’t too cold for you. Here in Australia it is summer but where I am it is looking cloudy like your photos 😀 Happy exploring and hope you enjoy the end of the year. Keep painting…and I noticed this post doesn’t have one of your paintings 🙂

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    1. Thanks a mill.. The weather is cold, but manageable.. Photography is very close to the process of painting and always connected to deeper story.. I hope you enjoy your summer! Cheers.

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