Trust Yourself, Painting No. 25 by Swav

I painted this piece of art thinking of Ireland, Irish Spirit and also… What is valuable in Irish mindset from my experience and point of view. I came over to Ireland 14 years ago and still has in mind openness, friendliness and full of hope for the future of Paddy’s Land.

During my many walks in the mountains, I’ve meet a lot of friendly people with huge knowledge and connection to what’s valuable in this country, to this land, to the heritage of previous generations, feeling of hope and cheerfulness.

And after those many years, Me, Myself and I, truly believe in positive aspects of this country and his citizens. A couple of years ago, one of the reporters from Irish Independent called me an Optimist, who was born with natural positive attitude, arguing about the end of Celtic Tiger age and upcoming bailout…

There are many things in life which we can’t predict for sure or have control over, that they will happen specifically as we wished for. I’m not a big fan of control word, because from the presuppositions point of view and mindset, it narrows the possibilities of positive outcomes, that can happen spontaneously in many different ways.

Instead of control, I love the word… trust…

I trust myself that there is always more possibilities, choices and positive outcomes in whatever is going on, in life, in business, in economy, in the world… especially during those moments in life, when something unpredictable is happening, for example economy slow down or a conflict.

Maybe my attitude is slightly different, because I’m originally from a different country, or maybe because I traveled across Europe and also USA. I don’t know for sure, but a lot depend of what we focus on, how we position ourselves in the future, and what’s this future is about in our expectations…

Many times trips and journeys are the most valuable lessons about ourselves, others and the world. Then coming back home opens up another option to see current situation from a distance, a different perspective, a deeper meaning and more visible positive outcomes and solutions.

Once in Berlin, on a meeting, I heard of a company which allocated their branches around the globe with one main purpose, to solve other branches main problems, which somehow sounds or looks impossible for home team of the branch. Clever idea which produce an extra spark of energy and positive buzz, to broaden up their choices into full colors of the rainbow instead of just black and white route.

Sometimes, all we need is a bit of trust and hope…

It’s a choice, right ? so, why not… trust yourself a lot… first


Trust Yourself, Painting No. 25 by Swav

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