Ireland, the land of Sailors

I wondered once, why did I came over to Ireland, or at least ended up here so far… I love travel, because being on the move creates interesting mix of feelings, an adventure, new discoveries and perspectives. Perhaps, travelling is in my blood, somehow.

As far as I remember, when I was 10 or 12, I was always going out somewhere, to travel with the friends on bicycles or to play soccer outdoor till late. In between, I was painting and drawing. Then I began the journey to different schools, occasionally visiting Berlin in Germany, mostly for parties.

I remember the very first visit to Berlin’s Love Parade in early ’90’s, techno and electronic music event on the street of 17th June, Tiergarten (Strabe des 17 Juni wikipedia) and around victory column with specific gold kind of angel, which became specific point of direction for the next trips to this city.

I felt very strong connection to the missing part of the world, outside my homeland, and since then I treaveled further on.

From the perspective of years, I see Ireland today, as the land of sailors. Who seeks the answers, directions, understandings of their own journey of life. Ireland on the map is the last country and Island, before the big Atlantic ocean. Which bridges our continent with America, the land to whom, so many Irish immigrated in the past, seeking… the better future.

I heard great stories about crossing the ocean from +60 years old Paddy, which kept his Cork accent, no offence… We’ve meet in Henderson, outside Vegas, where I used to live…

Great Irish spirit, wonderful personality and great example of the sailor…

I still remember his cheer up accent and words of wisdom…

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