Weekly photo challenge: Admiration


I’m full of ‘admiration’ to my mom.. and it’s not just about the story with hospital, and intensive care unit.. 7 weeks already, several critical conditions, she managed to go through and survived.. but overall, this painful experience opened up something new to me.. which I hope will stay with me during this life time..

All of us have got completely different parents at birth and for some reason they are the way they are.. which we can’t understand at some stage of life, especially during the ‘teenager’ times.. we can’t see much value of them, your parents, someone whose always with you, in the house.. whatever is going on, he/she’s with you.. no matter how good or bad for example..

It’s still your best mom/dad ever during this short period of time on the planet earth.. Sometimes we don’t know how tough their life was, because the events are still in some healing mode inside their selves.. and the right time will come to reveal the secrets and appreciation of decisions made in the past..

Sometimes the journey of life is not so easy to describe with words, pictures, sounds and feelings, but the trust inside the heart, your spirit or mind will guide you during the storm of internal conflicts..

Life is a gift.. find your own balance.. as they used to say..

Takes time to really get it.. to appreciate life as it is.. to appreciate your connections, friendships, your loved ones.. but I mean really, truly, deep down within with admiration to the ones you value most..

My mom is my hero..
My dad is my hero..

They gave me life..

Went through some hard ships, as we all do at some stage or chapter of life.. mostly without a single word of complain or.. Thank you, for example..

It’s time to pay it back.. pay it back to the life itself, the most appropriate way.. so thank you for reading this and please keep in mind that you are the life as well.. of some sort of tree of life..

Your own tree..
The family tree..

or some other way around,

I’d like to wish you a wonderful day of ‘appreciation’ and ‘admiration’ as well..

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

PS Photo journey of admiration by the lens of.. the camera, enjoy!

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