Thank you for #Happy #Birthday wishes

I’d like to:

Thank You for #Happy #Birthday wishes last Tuesday..  I will keep them in my heart for a year!

Every year, once a year, happy birthday celebration.. This time of the year for me is always connected to reflection about myself, current events, projects, changes and also.. a brand new birth-year.. I can’t remember when all of this started, but somehow, when the time is right.. the clock of internal wisdom seems to be back to zero state, every year.. during my birthday. Fresh attitude shows up and very specific lightness which is needed for the next 365 days..

Speaking from the heart: it’s just the reflection of my own self.

I’ve been pretty busy working on my workshop for the last few days, so I took the time today.. to write this special note for you with the use of my favorite pen!

Thank you very much for your time!

With Love & Gratitude.. Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

#photo #happy #birthday

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