The national flag of Ireland #Design #bySwav

I made this small piece of art last night, because.. I was inspired by the colours of the flag, the meaning of which we are all connected in Ireland. Somehow, the green, white and orange are the most used acrylics by myself.

Green colour connected with orange gives a feeling of freshness, lightness and joy as well..

The white colour in the middle is making specific bridge between, the past and brighter future.

It’s the middle, the centre of which we are all exist in this reality and flow of life.

Each of us knows deeply that, whatever we want to achieve in life, we can do it together with cooperation and partnership or on your own..

All depends on the perspective we are focused on in the current moment.

White also symbolizes the good start of any activity, because.. it’s like blank canvas, clean piece of paper, which you can use it to write your goals and desires.

Green is usually connected with hope and trust in life, the process of which we can grow and expand our horizons.

The over all picture of all the colours of the national flag of Ireland..

Can be described as cheerfulness with boldness.

Have a great day to you all!

~ Happy Monday

*) How do you see and feel the meaning of green, white and orange yourself ?

**) If you want to find out more about the national flag of Ireland click here.

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10 thoughts on “The national flag of Ireland #Design #bySwav

  1. Absolutely love your version of the Irish National Flag, it reminds me of how much I enjoyed my time there. I really like that the colors are interrupted and no full brush strokes, it’s as if it’s saying: “Ireland isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely beautiful”. I see you packed it … did you already sell it?
    Have a great Monday as well! 🙂

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