Weekly photo challenge: Happy Place

It’s been a while since the last weekly challenge.. but we’ve got an interesting theme, which is: Happy Place.

Happiness, state of joy or even euphoria behind any achieved task or goal is one thing, but the true happy place is something that we are all looking for in the long run, instead of short term goals.

Happy place could also be a memory from the past or data bank of memories, which you can recall by the trigger.

It could be a song that you have just heard in radio, or a visual context in a telly.. it might be a smell of your favourite cookies, a fresh cream cake or a smell of adventure by the term of intuitive definition.

A happy place, the centre of being of which we feel the world around us, is a great question to be asked.

What is it exactly and how do you know that the place of reference point that you speak from.. is a happy one.

Where could you go to find yourself happy, inside or outside.. indoor or outdoor.. well crowded or on your own?

Exactly week ago on a Friday night..

I ended up on the beach and has stayed there until early morning, while listening to the sound of waves and BBC Radio 1 broadcasted from the north. I discovered that the weekend we had was connected to John Peel day, which you can google yourself if you want..

Have a good day, evening or night as well..

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