The legend of John Peel Sessions on BBC Radio 1

What connects BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions and writing of this content over night ?

It’s 0:55 AM in Ireland and I’ve got inspired to share something with you. John Peel, as you can check on wikipedia was the BBC Radio 1 disc jockey, radio presenter, record producer, journalist and a man of the open heart.

I used to listen to his regular Peel Sessions until my mid 20’s and as you can guess, over night. The show was usually on air two days a week, for every one who wants to start the brand new day at midnight 😉 Those days, I was a big fan of analogue radio channels transmitted by one of Astra Satellites.

Ohh gosh, I can still feel the vibes and excitement of so many songs and tunes I recorded during the shows on my Technics Cassette decks in late 90’s. Technics brand and it’s products was recognized as one of the best in hi-fi systems and dj equipment. Their SL-1200 series of turntables are the legends as well, at least for someone who was involved in clubbing or spinning the decks.

All is connected, listening to the radio shows, while waiting for the latest track of your fav band or music producer, spinning the decks, clubbing and typing this content in the moment of now. The flow of inspiration is like a wave, with the beginning of yesterday morning, two weeks ago or even number of years ago.

It’s still active as a memory and available to you, to me and to us…

The best part of listening to John Peel Sessions was the music, the records and live acts of the bands, some of them are well known today, but those days most of them were making their first steps of career as a musicians.

John was the man who played on air some of the weirdest tracks and tunes and music styles, that wouldn’t be played during the day on any radio channel for sure. Psychedelic rock, hardcore techno or experimental electronic music of unknown artists are a few of them I can mention about. He played also a lot of white labels, LP’s and EP’s which are the music industry promos basically speaking.

He ran some competitions on air and you could win some of the records of his massive collection with a bit of the luck, and somehow I was one of them. It was many years ago, but I still remember the night sessions… Music was always on my list of priorities and I used to listen of many different styles and genres with electronic music as one of my favorites.

I never thought that the skills of melody, tempo and rhythm can be gained through listening, which also train your ears at the same time. After the years I left this skill somewhere inside me unused, and just recently noticed that I’m using it a lot during painting.

The ears are connected to specific melody of creation, and whatever you create, you tap into it, you tune in to it and get a feeling of it also… and then with the trust to your own hearing and to yourself, you can make a pause of that melody, whenever you need to take a break or make a coffee.

This is very interesting skill and ability, which might save you a lot of frustration, stress and pressure, if you have some dead lines with ongoing projects and developments. You’ve got two physical ears and one inside you based on the gut feeling or perception of the mind, you can always choose, the one you prefer the most.

Going back to night sessions of John Peel, it was more about training and building the skill of listening, and recognizing the top sounds and tracks for me in just a couple of seconds. This skill today I use with pleasure during conversations with others and strangers, and immediately can notice where this conversation is going to.

It’s a pretty good skill and ability, which you can use in many aspects of your own life. It’s 2:00 AM and a perfect time to publish this post in the spirit of night adventures…

Have a great listening to yourself, Swav.

12 thoughts on “The legend of John Peel Sessions on BBC Radio 1

    1. John was one of the few radio presenters, which wasn’t afraid to play some unusual tunes and vinyls, it was his style of constant searching for something new every week, to be played on air of BBC Radio 1,
      always open to different styles and genres, so during one show you could easily listen to some folk bands, heavy rock stars, digital cocktail of twists and sounds of artists form Japan or underground labels from Soma or Hydraulix Records for example… He was the first disc jockey that played EP’s and LP’s of London’s acid techno mafia, incl. Liberator DJ’s, Dave the Drummer or The Geezer…


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