Photography 101: Landscape

Today’s theme of Photography 101, Class of November is: Landscape, so I took my camera phone for a walk this time to capture interesting spot of entry point to the open landscape.

* Here are my other themes of photography 101:

Home, Street, Bliss, Solitude, Connect, Warmth, Mystery, Architecture, Moment, Landscape

6 thoughts on “Photography 101: Landscape

  1. You took these pictures with your camera phone? They are so brilliant and beautiful. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your idea of listing the Photo 101 themes with hyperlinks at the end of the post. I have two blogs, and my Photo 101 assignments have been split between the two blogs.


    1. Yes, most of the time with auto (default) settings, but sometimes I play with it a bit more, I change exposure value (time) white balance, scenes or even aspect ratio… Have fun with it and use the idea of links on your blog 🙂 will be easier to navigate through your photo works of the class of November, Cheers

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