Inner Talent, Painting No. 13 by Swav

Today’s theme of Photo 101 is Bliss…

Bliss feeling and state of being for me is connected to the deep meaning of life, the purpose of this day, this short moment of time and space… and also the focus of my intention to create, to experience, to enjoy life as it is, because all is well in all of my creation.

I remember my first steps in graphic design world as a freelance designer in early 90’s. I was so focused on perfection of every single icon for the website I was working on. It was the beginning of big digital era we are living in now. There was no facebook, no twitter, no other big boys of the internet bubble, but yet still was beautiful, raw and unshaped in many aspects.

It was a bliss to see the moment of change in more closer look other than from the perspective of, whatever you can read now about the past or track back with the use of wikipedia, etc. The moment you see the changes and also notice the wave of change, and how it transit over the years, including change of directions or forms of expression. This is the beauty of experiencing life as it is, without the need to change something, which is well over now.

We all have inner desires about the life and future developments, some of them are coming from the mind, which is more digital now instead of analogue. I love analogue era, because gave me a lot of joy and freedom to express myself with the use of my own hands, including the art I used to create since the very beginning of my life, as a child with specific talent to drawing and painting.

This form of expression was and still is rooted in the core of the being, connected to the heart in very subtle way. The heart which is the center of my gravity, while walking on earth with the number of breaths, I’ve chosen already. I can feel it, I can sense it and I know it for sure…

That whatever I want to create comes from the heart first and then with supportive mind and spirit, no other way around. Digital world and it’s own paradigm of faster, better and even more digital way of living is nothing more than illusion of happiness, trapped in the form of the mind or a mind’s game, to be more productive, to be more competitive than, etc.

I love mind for his way of expression of the possibilities, but the heart knows always what’s right for me, even with deeper understanding, than I can sense with my feelings. On the other side, without the digital world, we wouldn’t communicate now through this blog, through this blogosphere of millions of blogs on wordpress, tumblr or other platforms…

So the cross point or meeting point of those two worlds is very welcome, at least in my perspective of the meaning of life.

This painting above represent my vision and also the concept of inner talent or even talents, which I decided to paint more flat (in 2D or minimalist style) instead of multidimensional way of expression. I created this piece of art during one of the sessions of ‘ Painting with a friend ‘, which is always a great fun and pleasure to be with and experience different perspectives and paintings of someone else, their own story of life, their own agenda about life.

Have a great day and fantastic photos of bliss, whatever it means for you… I can’t wait to read some of your interpretations, Cheers.

* This post is part of my Blogging University (Photography 101, Class of November)

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Inner Talent, Painting No. 13 by Swav

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