Photo Journey: Near Barcelona in Spain (Part 1)

Today’s theme of Photography 101 is: Solitude. Every one of us connects the meaning of each day with something at least a little bit different…

Solitude from my perspective and understanding the meaning of the word is, an open space that gives you the necessary freedom of choice, surrounding yourself with calmness and relaxing sound of waves…

When I think of it deeply, it’s like specific meeting point of the blue sky and very rich and green grass colour. It’s also a freshness that comes from within during meditation or reflection about life. I had wonderful time in that place near Barcelona in Spain, and still remember the fresh air connected with the views and minimalist approach to life during holidays.. as well as another perspective of being, acting and thinking as well.. especially by looking at variety of shapes and forms created on the blue sky below..


* This post is part of my Blogging University (Photography 101, Class of November)

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21 thoughts on “Photo Journey: Near Barcelona in Spain (Part 1)

  1. Excellent take on this week’s challenge(s). Minimalist approach to vacation and relaxing time – times when we simply just want to take our time doing what we want do, and doing one thing at a time. No stress. Thanks for sharing the memories 🙂

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  2. Swav, es estupendo que hayas estado en Barcelona, es una ciudad maravillosa con muchos pueblos cerca de ella preciosos. Me alegro de que te gustaran tus vacaciones en España.
    Un saludo.

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      1. A mi también me parece un vino delicioso, pero estoy segura de que además del Cava te gusta la ciudad y todo el arte que contiene. Y para hacer fotos tiene unos rincones impresionantes.


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