The Spirit of Adventure

What connects Ireland and world wide known Surfers, aka superstars by surfing magazines? Probably one of the best spots of waves and Cliffs of Moher… challenge of a lifetime to surf on big-wave, here in Ireland.

It’s nearly 3 AM… I just finished watching Waveriders on BBC Channel (have a look at storyline here), and have to say, great story, amazing surfers and something else, which is so important in life and still forgotten by many.

I had a long day today… very inspiring, uplifting with plenty of rainbows. Got painting done during which discovered an interesting thing. Replied for emails and at the end of the day reminded myself about walking that needs to be done, at least 7km, as planned.

It was freezing cold outside and a bit windy, but when the time comes, I simply get my gear, put my runners on and I’m ready to go. It’s also a habit, that you can built, as any other skill with a bit of practice… but this time spark of energy came some other way.

Waveraiders for example, live their life to surf as much as they can and search for new spots of waves, traveling to different countries.

It’s a passion, life style, and choice…

I heard once that, we’ve got everything we need, to fulfill our purpose of life, to find out who we are, make close connection with our soul, spirit, and go with the flow… similar to surfers.

Since that time, I wondered a couple of times, what connects things together, skills, competences, and all of the puzzles that are in the right place of the mind, body and soul. To sing the song of life, to dance the dance of life… to make a flow of inner talents, that creates pure joy of life, happiness and harmony…

I was also working on that missing piece, that many times make things happen, so lightly, effortlessly, smoothly and joyfully… and have found it today, experienced and felt today three times.

In my own understanding it’s the spirit of adventure, and when it shows, everything seems to fall into the right place at the right time, connects everything inside, which are already there and makes them move, sing or dance. Depend on individual preferences…

When the time comes, the spirit shows and momentum flows…

Aloha, Surfers…

10 thoughts on “The Spirit of Adventure

  1. It’s hard to come by experienced people about this topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


  2. […] Simplicity is based on the centre or circle of choice, perhaps on some deep internal level. The space within the self where all there is begins to flow. The source of an idea or spark of energy, which starts at the top of.. a mountain and then flows with ease and enjoyment. The journey or specific distance, which is needed.. for river to reach the ocean is called adventure. […]


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