The Rainbow Way, Painting No. 29 by Swav

Rainbow made my day today… I went into a few places to sort out different matters, drop some documentations, files, etc. I drove for a while… and every single place I visited, a rainbow showed up with perfect timing.

Rainbow with all the colors somehow puts a smile on the face. I saw kids pointing the finger up in the sky for a rainbow, instantly and spontaneously. They see some magic in it… When most of adults, looked to busy with daily tasks and probably haven’t thought of… the meaning of rainbow.

It’s a rainbow, the nature thing connected with a little shower and reflection of the sun light, right? Well, you could be right with the physical aspect of it, but what about many rainbows, that shows up during the day, and wherever you go they goes with you ?


The last few days for me, were very rich in deep discoveries about life. The one from today is… to enjoy life as it is. This took me awhile to finally get it, but the feeling of joy, trust and no pressure at all is something that, I was searching for a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you… so

I began the process of painting in the mood of inspiration, flow and rainbow outside the window…

Pure joy…

The Rainbow Way, Painting No. 29 by Swav

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