The Winds of Life, Painting No. 51 by Swav

Dear friends and fellow bloggers…

This painting is closing my second collection, which is called ‘The Winds of Life’ … I wasn’t publishing too many of them because I took my time to really get it of what the heck I was painting. I had no idea, no a clue either but curiosity and trust to myself brought within well needed understanding.

The moment of revelation or a wow feeling is like doing hiking for days in real mountains, and then suddenly at the top of the mountain, you look around with enjoyment and a bliss feeling, which is going through your whole body, mind and spirit.

The winds of life wasn’t obvious to me at the beginning, but there was a day where everything was changed, the clouds of unknown and fear just vanished and changed the form into clear and bright perspective of the future.

It’s like the rainy weather, you see the clouds on the sky, then specific cumulation of their energy comes and then is changed into the form of rain.. the drops of water falls down to reach it’s own destiny, the earth ground, the trees, the life around that needs water and natural circulation to flow, to be in movement and specific dance of life.

The winds are stopped and a beautiful sun shows up also to let you know, that everything in nature is OK, is in balance, and a deep state of well being.. is always within you, within me, within us..

Have a great weekend to you all 🙂

The winds of life, Painting No. 51 by Swav (18 October 2014)

PS I thought that there’s no weekly photo challenge today, because of 31st October and I was wrong 🙂

PPS I always look down on my paintings while taking photos of them, so it fits into descent theme.

6 thoughts on “The Winds of Life, Painting No. 51 by Swav

  1. Another painting full of colour, I like it. Quite a bit of curves, smooth edges and circles in this one. I’d take that to mean that the same thoughts were going round and round in your head as you were trying to figure out what you want to paint, and the final product. It’s the same with writing for me – a lot of the time I’d start writing about an idea with no clue how the story will end. But once I’m at the end, yes, it’s akin to like standing atop a mountain with a great view. Sometimes we have to feel the darkness before we can see the light.

    Love your interpretation of this week’s challenge!


  2. I really like your choice of colours in this painting, full of emotion and sentiment. I read colours like people might read words, and this picture tells a very interesting story to my Synaesthete eyes. 🙂

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    1. as I guess, you might like to see triptych’s… because they were created from the heart and soul, which wasn’t planned by the mind, so you can read them, I mean the story of creation… sometimes, I just paint a few and leave them for a while to settle down, and then they are connected with each other like the puzzles of much bigger picture 🙂

      Have a look here:


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