Arte Laguna Exhibition in Arsenale of Venice, 21 March 2015

Dear friends and fellow bloggers,

I’ve got an email a couple of days ago about Arte Laguna Exhibition in Arsenale of Venice, which will be organized 21st of March 2015. A friend of mine has said that, I should definitely upload some of my art works for the entry process.

I was thinking about it for the last few days and decided, that I will upload one painting of my collection or one triptych, and then prepare presentation of the whole story spoken from the heart. The journey during which I discovered so much of the beauty of life, my own painting style and a simple way of expression of the true self.

I see it today, the way the river flows, spontaneously, freely and effortlessly. The river that wants to dance and sing the song of wonders of life.

I came to the point of being ready to share those thoughts and feelings with the wider audience, so if you could help me out with picking up the right painting or triptych, I’ll be more than grateful 🙂

Warm Regards, Swav

14 thoughts on “Arte Laguna Exhibition in Arsenale of Venice, 21 March 2015

  1. Hi Swav,
    Congrats! Sounds like an amazing exhibition and I’m sure you will get in!
    How can we see the triptych? Will you make a new post or will it be on yr site?


  2. so far triptych no. 4 makes a lot of sense, because it consists the last three paintings of the first collection incl. 36th which closes them all, while opening the doors of the second collection… perfecto!


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