The Youngest Blogger

This whole idea is about to find the youngest blogger and send him crafted postcard. Writing letters and posting them more traditional way instead of email, creates specific state of curiosity and connection. There’s also creative thinking involved of awaiting reply for the letter or postcard.

Over the last few days I spoke with my friends about activities of early childhood, that used to give us wings, or that extra something connected with passion of life. Most of my friends haven’t sent postcard for Christmas since ages. We all do emails or text messaging nowadays.

I’m no different to be honest, but since I discovered my passion for writing and exchange letters initiative, I feel something is about to change this year. I reminded myself of the use of scissors for crafting, so I decided to do some cutting and zigzagging.

Most of us are bloggers here with so many different backgrounds, interests, passions and wonderful skills of storytelling. We all use blogs to connect with each other and to know each other better, don’t we ? so, why not to find the youngest blogger 2014 or even the youngest blogger ever, just for the craic 🙂

For me the youngest blogger 2014 means someone who’s created his blog in early January of this year and still runs him today. If we won’t be able to find the blog created in January then the earliest one created in February wins.

Please share your ideas and thoughts below…

PS I did a lot of zig zags to make those letters above looks nice and smooth.

15 thoughts on “The Youngest Blogger

  1. Very creative interpretation of this week’s challenge. You have a good eye for craft, and you’re right in saying that many of us prefer to send email or text greetings as opposed to cards – because it’s more convenient. But doing so through a card, especially if it’s hand-made with meaningful messages inside, there’s just so much more…love and thought in it, in my opinion. People always say it’s the thought that counts, but I do think effort counts too 🙂

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  2. uh oh I cannot fit to this area.. even if category includes the age of the blogger 😛 I started my blog Mar 2010 🙂


    1. Great comment, in this way of thinking… I’m younger than you 🙂 My idea at the beginning was to find somehow or to track back the youngest blogger ever, I mean the very first blog which was created in the history of blogging, but I stucked so far in the way of – how to do it 🙂


  3. well, just a suggestion, maybe you can have like a Throwback Thursday kinda thing, where you can ask the bloggers to post or repost their first blog entry, including the date 🙂 I dunno, something like that 🙂


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