Music is Life, Painting No. 5 by Swav

Hi folks!

This painting is all about the music, the melody from within.. The process of art creation is like adventure, you go with the flow.. with the rhythm of melody or sound you feel the urge to express yourself.. somehow my paintings are like puzzles or storytelling on canvas.

If you are an artist or musician you will understand for sure.. the moment of flow or inspiration from within. Creativity source which gives you specific buzz.. to wake up and start your creation, to write a song or business plan for example.

This artwork was created in January of 2014, while listening to my favourite set of house music by Carl Cox.. especially the analogue sets of early ’90’s.. which I still have on the backup drive.

Same night.. because I usually paint night time..

I exchanged few emails with Xavier from House Music Radio 101 about the analogue era and underground parties of the 90’s.. This conversation ended up with pretty interesting conclusions, which I might have to share with you later on..

I will keep you posted! Cheers from Ireland..

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21 thoughts on “Music is Life, Painting No. 5 by Swav

    1. Some paintings comes from the concepts of the mind, while other ones from the heart and soul… an inspiration which arrives like a fresh breeze of air… This one was pure experimental and has some part of electronic music inside 🙂


      1. Aw, thank you so much Swav. I rarely do posts about my art, but a piece form the week is usually featured as a little catch up on a Sunday post. 😀


  1. I love it – I see the music here. It is harmonic, but this tine element of chaos in the middle – like a punch in a complicated music piece. Great Job. It can be even called untitled and you still get the sense of the piece

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