Re-birth, Painting No. 37 by Swav

I’ve just published my blog post number 100 🙂 Wow… What a great journey of blogging, which started 21st of February with the spark of energy and inspiration…

This painting is very special to me and opens up my second collection of paintings, which is called ‘The winds of life’. I took some time to look at it long enough to see if will stood the test of time and today… I’m sure about it. Thank you very much Oscar for the idea…

When I was painting this one, I had a feeling of the essence of creation from my own perspective, which connects the insights with the meaning from the inside out… It’s like crossing point between the worlds of feelings, ideas and heart desires…

The calling from the inside to express yourself fully, to know yourself deeply and be aware of your potential. I will write more about this piece of art soon…

Have a great weekend, Swav

19 thoughts on “Re-birth, Painting No. 37 by Swav

    1. yeah, as I guess… by pressing that publish button of the blog post 100, I probably decided to stay with blogging more than one season 🙂 what’s your current number on your blog ?


    1. Thank you… if you think it’s difficult to you, then you are probably think too much 🙂 turn off thinking, tap into your heart and feelings, get some accessories for painting and fly like a bird on the blue and open sky… cheers

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        1. Experimenting with different mediums expand your experience… I do drawings same as 30 years ago, when I was a kid, but prefer canvas… water colour pencils might be a good start point, I use pastel pencils whenever I do ‘crafted style’ painting 😉

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